All-Inclusive, End-To-End Telemarketing Solution, Design & Methodology

  • Appointment Setting
  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Cold Lead Conversion
  • Script Development
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Database Development/List Creation
  • Data Cleansing
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Caller ID Masking
  • Customized VM Drop to Prospects
  • Seminar/Event Registration/Follow Up
  • Survey/Questionnaire

We believe successful telemarketing begins with the right people and the right messaging. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but we can certainly make improvements to push momentum to gain traction.

What’s the ONE THING that sets you apart? With so much noise in the marketplace, it’s important that the messaging makes your company outshine the rest. We develop custom scripts designed to highlight your value prop and generate interest.

You set the criteria. Your telemarketing campaign will be custom designed to meet your specific needs. Let us know your scheduling availability and desired appointment types (face to face, phone, web demo or all the above). With real-time, detailed updates on qualified appointments and upcoming opportunities, your sales team will be in a better position to connect, communicate and close.

We believe telemarketing should be transparent. Guiding clients every step of the way and providing full detailed reports is just one of the ways we ensure our clients never feel like they’re in the dark with their marketing program.


We offer a variety of ways to connect you to interested prospects; face-to-face appointments, warm transfers, phone appointments & online web demos. You can choose one form or choose to use them all. We want to ensure that we’re putting you in the very best position to connect, communicate and close. All appointments are exclusive, qualified & verified. You’ll receive real-time appointment notifications from our CRM directly to your email.

Cold Calling/Lead Conversion

End-to-end, we handle everything. We make all the cold calls, follow up and nurturing calls in order to create a positive outcome. You’ll receive a record of every viable conversation we have with a decision maker. Not all DM conversations are going to be actionable, but we believe at least some valuable information can be gleamed from every DM interaction.


We develop a customized script, unique to you and your business based on information you provide, your website and notes from our conversations. You will receive a copy of the script for approval.

Dedicated Account Management

Streamlined communication and client relationships are important to us. One way we’re able to ensure client satisfaction and retention is by ensuring you have a single point of contact that knows the ins & outs of your campaign.

List/Data Cleansing

We can pull data based on your specifications or you can provide your own calling list in either .csv or .xls file. If we pull data, you will receive a copy of the list for your records. We can zero in on your exact target market based on industry, location, employee size, annual sales, square footage, etc. If you have a list that requires follow up/updates, we can capture & confirm the current/relevant information you need and export the data back to you.

Real-Time Updates

The moment we place an appointment on your calendar, you’ll receive a notification. We can cc or bcc you on the calendar invite to your prospect. If a prospect requests information, we will send an intro email and attach your company brochure (.pdf). We can bcc you on the information as well, so you’re in the loop.


Real-time notifications sent from our CRM directly to your email. All appointments and warm opportunities are exclusive, qualified and verified. Data exports with call notes are available upon request at no additional charge.


Since pipeline is crucial to every sales cycle, we will be continuously adding warm opportunities to your pipeline. Some of these prospects will want us to follow up at a future date and others will request information. We’ll keep track of all of these, send information and make the follow up calls. If you see details you want to follow up on yourself, feel free! Just be sure to let us know so that we’re not calling on top of you.

Caller ID Masking

We’re able to increase contact rates because calls are going to look and feel like they’re coming right from your office. We’ll use your direct line or any number of your choosing to mask our phone number. Nobody will even suspect that you’re using a telemarketing service. Prospects will sometimes call your number back, so be ready!

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